How can you contribute to IUS Web Site Rankings?

Webometrics is one of the largest academic ranking of Higher Education Institutions in the world. Web presence and visibility are used as indicators of global performance. It takes into account the teaching commitment, the research results, the perceived international prestige, the links with the community, including industrial and economic sectors, of the university.

Strategy: Increase the number of pdf and rich files  

How can you contribute ?

  1. Continuously improve and update your personal web page presentation within the IUS Main Web Site as following:
    • Upload the most recent course handouts and presentation slides
    • Put relevant announcement for your students and other visitors
    • Add useful web links related to your  course subjects
    • Put basic rules and regulation related to your course (e.g. grading methodology, attendance and other relevant rules, ...)
    • Create a list of reference materials related to your course (books, articles  and other useful on-line material)
    • Upload photos and pdf documents with research articles
    • Upload pdf documents or ppt files of presentations done at conferences
    • Upload pdf or image files of invitations to seminars and other events
    • Available multimedia  course content could be very attractive and useful within the Main IUS Web page
  2. Send your photos to PR Department for photo galleries of events
  3. Send your news stories to PR