Network Equipment

We are very happy to be able to inform you that our core network system has been recently upgraded with modern, powerful and valuable IT system equipments which includes new network servers, processing power, storage and backup systems. Upon moving and migrating of all of the existing digital data and services to the new equipment the overall quality of our IT support, services, as well as reliability of the digital data we have will be significantly improved. Besides the internal network system and services consolidation, some of the initial benefits of newly implemented systems within our Campus could be summarized as following:

  • Improvement of our main web site structure, organization and presentation
  • Improvement of web based applications hosted within the Campus
  • Improvement of internal and external  e-mail communication system 
  • Improvement of  internal and external collaboration, data exchange and sharing
  • Improvement of  System Reliability and Security
  • Improvement in Antivirus protection  System
  • Implementation of appropriate  Backup and Disaster Recovery System
  • and so on…

Also, it is very important to emphases that our new network system equipments have been designed to be very flexible, easy extendable and to support implementation of the latest IT technologies and services within the Campus in the future. This will help us to be able to improve our IT support within our educational and research activities and processes.